Grow weed indoors step by step easily.

Weed Seed Germination Basics

So you have some seeds. Great! You’ll have to germinate them first before even thinking about growing them into nice, lucious plants.

At the beginning steps of weed seed germination, three things interact with the seed’s outer coating. These are moisture, warmth, and air. These three things cause hormones in the outer coating of the seed to activate. Once activated, it won’t take long for the seed’s outer coating to crack and sprout a tiny root.
Soon, some tiny leaves pop out from the seed. These leaves are going to be looking for, and expecting light.
During germination, the seeds only need regular water. It’s not until the seed actually sprouts that fertilizer will be necessary. Before it sprouts, the seed will have all the nutrients it needs inside the seed itself.

weed seed germination beginning

Lots of weed seeds

Not every seed is going to bring you the gift of a beautiful plant. You can only expect about 2 of 10 seeds to become healthy plants that are female. Some seeds will be male (bad), some just won’t germinate, and some will be poor plants that are not strong growers. Give your seeds about 2 to 7 days to sprout. Anything longer than that will reveal that those seeds may be undesirable.

Germination Temperature

Room temperature is usually a safe bet when germinating, but it can vary from strain to strain. Try to find out exactly what temperature is ideal for your type of seed. If you are unsure, room temerature is a good starting point.

Germination methods

Common weed seed germination methods are soaking in water, soil, propagation kits, and paper towel.
Soaking in water
Putting the seeds in a cup of warm water will allow them to germinate. By covering the top of the cup, the seeds can continue to be kept warm. You should see roots in 24 to 48 hours.

Weed Seed Germination in Soil

Place the seed in a pot of soil and pour water on the soil until it is saturated. You’ll know when it’s saturated when the water drips out of the bottom of the pot. Make a hole no more than ½ inch in the soil and place the seed in it, then cover with dirt. While you wait for the seed to sprout, keep dripping or lightly spraying water on the dirt to keep it moist. Using this method you should see the seed germinate in just under a week.

Propagation Kits

You can buy a propagation kit to germinate your seeds. It has the same characteristics as a greenhouse, (they have a lid) but are a lot smaller. Seeds are placed in rockwool cubes and a germination hormone is added to the seed.
These kits increase your chances of successfully germinating your seeds.

Paper Towel

Placing the seeds between two warm, damp (not soaking wet) paper towels sitting on a dish will promote weed seed germination. Covering with another plate will keep the heat from escaping. Make sure you keep the towels moist.



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